Hello guys, it's been 18 hours and now I can complete task 4! Go to the Puffle Hotel and open up your progress. Relax your puffle.
Click go there and you'll go to the Puffle Hotel rooftop. Now relax your puffle.
Once you finished, nonmembers can get 150 coins and members can get the last penguin item.
Nonmembers can also get the Gourmet O'Berries Bag item and members can now adopt the Rainbow Puffle! 
Click go there and go to the cannon. BLAST OFF!
Yay, I'm here! The cloud forest is filled with tree raindrops and storm cloud trees. Click on the tree stump and adopt your Rainbow Puffle!
Hmm, what should I name my puffle. Since it's rainbow, I'll name it Skittles!
Here's my Rainbow Puffle's Adoption Certificate. This certifies that Skittles belongs to: Skleaten1. Adopted on: March 24/2013.
Yay! Now I have my very own Rainbow Puffle! HOOORAYY!!!! FINALLY BRLARHGFB. Sorry for that excitement there.
Woot woot, now I'm going to play with my Rainbow Puffle: Skittles. Have you adopted a Rainbow Puffle yet? What did you name it? Leave a comment and let us know!

03/24/2013 2:19pm

I named mine Skits. :D Short for skittles!

03/24/2013 6:24pm

Nice name! :D

Josh the Jedi
03/24/2013 6:45pm

Today I was planning to adopt my Rainbow Puffle. I set up a little "Rainbow Play Zone" for it. I was going to name his Prism. When I logged in, I immediatly went to my igloo and got my Brown Puffle, who is name Ethan. We went to the Puffle Hotel Rooftop and clicked the form to recieve our orders. But then we got some startling news...I went from Task 4 today, to Task 2 today!!! Luckily CP half-fixed this bug, and I went to Task 3, but now I have to wait 17 hours to get Prism. Club Penguin's bugs have made me SO mad, because not only is the Rainbow Puffle Day tommarow, but TODAY is my last day of membership, so I don't get it! Plz plz plz CP fix this. :(

03/25/2013 3:38pm

Aww, that sucks :( I hope this glitch won't happen anymore.

Josh the Club Penguin Jedi
03/26/2013 8:14am

Prism was able to come home yesterday, even though I wasn't a member. Club Penguin Support said that this was not a rare glitch and penguins were having it all over the world. Then he or she (?) gave me a code for a 1 week membership, and 3,000 coins. So I still have a membership for the party! Not only that, but my parents bought me a 12 month membership! I'm so happy, I WILL CRY! :)

03/26/2013 3:24pm

WOW! Talk about luck! You are the most luckiest penguin!

Puffle lover
05/27/2013 9:39pm

can you give me a code so that i can get any puffle i want? Cuz im not a member and i wan the other puffles.


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