This is another "Island Whispers" by Federflink1:

Hello people,

There is something strange on the island, which we should get to the bottom ... These are the scroll in the command center of the EPF. We wonder what kind of a scroll next to the Filed-Ops computer ...?
Using a few agents ... (shhhh ... do not tell the name, for it is better to operate concealed at that time) ... we have developed a number of ways:

A) Is it a message from Herbert with information about his latest plan?
B) Is the plan for the new snow dojo or perhaps a message of shadow ninjas?
C) If it is an old document from the EPF, which has emerged from the destruction?

Hm ... it's not that easy ... Let's decide together ... What does the scroll? Just leave me a comment on this below in the box. I'm really looking forward to very much!

Secret fins Winker Greetings :-)

Your Federflink1
From Club Penguin Team

Woah! Since the Snow Dojo is some-what almost here, I think the scroll might be C: Is the plan for the new snow dojo or perhaps a message of shadow ninjas. I went to the EPF Command Room to see if the scroll is there, and IT IS! 
Wow! I just noticed it was there! Has it been there since Herbert destroyed the EPF, or did it just now appeared? This is very interesting! What do you think the scroll might have written inside it? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

02/23/2013 7:46pm

I think it's the shadow ninjas or snow or the Herbert thing

02/24/2013 10:18am


02/24/2013 6:37am

dude, its probably one of those light bulb things.

02/24/2013 10:19am

Actually, it's not.

02/24/2013 10:28am

its a high tech facility. its been there since Herbert destroyed the EPF.
anyway, i will get your sit more popular, at a small favor.

02/24/2013 10:31am

i want a jetpack code please. email it to me, and your website will be popular. im your friend, so its a small favor for both of us.

02/24/2013 10:33am

We don't have a code. Just go to a store and buy a toy for a code.

02/24/2013 12:51pm

hey i got a mmembership that has a jetpack and a item from tresure book

02/24/2013 3:56pm

I want a code. Plz tell me how to get a jetpack

02/24/2013 5:10pm

You need to go to a store and buy a 3 month membership with the Jet Pack on it. You can't go asking anyone who has that code. They'll obviously not give you the code.


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