Hey guys! Sorry I'm posting this a little late. Anyway, today members can ROAR to get the Volcano igloo item! It's a pretty cool igloo item! Now, let's ROAR!!!
Once toy have ROARED where you need to to get the Volcano igloo item, you get check marks on the map! Now click the Volcano! 
Yay! You have found a Volcano. Would you like to pick it up? Sounds dangerous, but YES!
I finally have the Volcano igloo item! I kind of expected it to be a little bigger. Here is how it looks in my igloo!
Cool huh? So what do you think of the Volcano igloo item? Let us know in the comments below!

01/21/2013 12:29pm

WOW! It's bigger than I expected!

01/21/2013 1:34pm

It's pretty big, but I kinda expected it to be bigger, but it's still cool!

06/02/2013 2:31pm

its a good game


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