New Power Glove is available for members! It's called the Telekenesis Power Glove!
With the Power Gloves, you can throw rocks with your mind! It's really cool!
For the villains, you can build the last robot! I was hoping this robot was going to be bigger, but it wan't.
Since we have built all 8 robots, you can now get the Super Villain Hoodie item!
Here's how the new robot and the hoodie looks like. When you click to dance, it looks like as if the robot is eating sruff it destroys, and when you wave, it does an evil laugh.
Well, it looks like there will not be anymore new robots to build, but these robots are really cool! No more Power Gloves as well, but, again, they're very awesome to use. What do you think of this? Leave a comment and let us know!

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