Hey guys! New Club Penguin Times Issue today! (Special thanks to Josh the Club Penguin Jedi) The Puffle Hotel is a HUGE success! Puffles pumped for pampering at the Puffle Hotel.
PH talks about what to do as a puffle! See the world from puffle's eyes!
Also, upcoming events for April: Apr. 5 - Penguin Style.
Apr. 5 - Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.
Apr. 5: Fun at the Cove-come out for surf, sun, and PIZZA!!
Apr. 11 - Igloo furniture.
I think that the pizza thing at the Cove will be like a mini April Fools Party because there was never one this year. I was kind of hoping for an April Fools Party for this year, but oh well. What do you think of this? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

JoshUA the Club Penguin Jedi
03/29/2013 7:41am

Thanks. It's now JoshUA the Club Penguin Jedi (I won't capitalize the UA after this) But I am dominating the charts! Monchocho-New log in (and log out) screen. Monchocho- April Party Update. Skelaten1-New newspaper. :) BTW, I have a funny theory about the Cove Party April Fool's.

-1 Room, 1 week party at the Cove. They are doing other stuff at the time, so they can't make it so LARGE.
-The Box Dimension scavenger hunt will be placed at the Cove

03/29/2013 8:17pm

Ha, I saw your name on Monchocho's post - New Log Out Screen. Your theory might be correct! Or maybe it's just going to be a pizza party and there could be a free item.


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