This is a new Card-Jitsu Snow Villain by Polo Field:

Hey ninjas,
In the last few weeks, we introduced you to two brand new Card-Jitsu characters. You met Scrap, the mouthy athlete, and Tank, the muscly thug. Now it's time to meet the third.
Last, but not least.... here's Sly:

This guy's always got his eye on the action... He's devious. He's determined. He's dangerous.
Some interesting facts:

  • Favorite Drink: Cola in a can
  • Favorite Food: Chicken wings with blue cheese dip
  • Quirk: Obsessively polishes his bowling ball while scheming
  • Quote: "Oh yah, we'll get 'em. Ooooh Yah..."
So now you know who you're up against... how are you going to stop them?!?
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Hmm, I wonder how we can take out these enemies. If we use fire, it will melt them, and KILL them. Time will tell. So what do you think of this? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

02/18/2013 8:25am

I think that if you throw snowballs at scrap he will die because he is skinny. Fire will work on tank. A flood should work on sly because it should weaken his attack. Then go all fire ninja on him! Waddle on!


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