Hey guys! Boy o boy do I have something EXCLUSIVE for you! There is a glitch where you can make a mascot go to your igloo! (YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER) Here's a step-by-step process on how to do it. First, log on to your penguin, then go to your igloo and open up your buddy list. This could work on ANYONE on your friend list. I chose Franky as an example.
Now, exit out of your buddy list. DO NOT click 'X' on Franky's player card. Now, click "Edit Igloo" and choose another igloo from your SAVED IGLOOS! It has to be another igloo!The three igloos you chose to save on the bottom. I chose the Frostbite Palace igloo.
Once you chose an igloo, Click 'X' on that and POOF! Franky will be at your igloo! 
Awesome right? Club Penguin is going to fix this glitch one day, so hurry and try to do this awesome glitch! So what do you think of this? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

03/16/2013 6:44am

Hi, Skelaten1, This is me, Josh. I tried this cheat out and it WORKED. But I have two questions. Not only about this cheat but about your friend list

1. Can anyone go to your igloo and see the Mascots? That would make you SO POPULAR

2. How did you add "The Directer" and "Dot" If The Directer is Aunt Arctic and Dot isn't meetable? Are you on a CPPS?

03/16/2013 12:22pm

Ok, to the first question, I don't know if other people could see the mascot. 2nd, there was this cheat where you can add a mascot that is not on yet, but now if you do that cheat, you'll be banned.

03/16/2013 12:22pm

Oh yea, and no I'm not on a CPPS

11/30/2014 5:07pm

it didnt work


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