Hey guys! There's a new Club Penguin Times Issue for this week! Prepare to see stars! The ultimate star-studded event is coming... starring YOU!
By Cadence - Check it out party penguins! Prep for the Hollywood Party is coming along FAMOUSLY! I can hardly contain my excitement! I'm super STOKED for Feb. 14! And the best part? This party is going to give everyone the chance to make it BIG!
Dino Dig is history! The Prehistoric Party was a T-Rex-sized success!
By Gary - GADZOOKS! What an amazing adventure! Being among dinosaurs was exponentially far superior than I ever imagined. And all the data we collected will keep me busy in my labs for months! I can't wait to get started!!! I am pleased to say that all dinosaurs were safely returned to the past, and there's a 24.5% probability that we haven't caused a rift in the tome-space-continuum. Overall-an outstanding success! Thanks to all scientists, explorers, and caveguins who came along for the adventure. And here's to the next one! FOR SCIENCE!!!
Upcoming Events:
On now! Penguin Style: Everyone needs a little extra glam! Check out the latest star-worthy fashions in the Clothes Shop.
Feb. 7: Create your own film studio with this month's movie-inspired igloo furniture!
The biggest star-studded awards party of the year starts Feb 14!
Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until February 6.
Next pin hidden: February 7-20.
Awesome stuff! I can't wait for the Hollywood Party! I bet it's going to be VERY awesome! So what do you think of this? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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