Hey guys! There were some sneak peeks I found on Club Penguin Dutch, and Portuguese. I was waiting for the sneak peek to be released on the English Club Penguin, but it didn't so I don't know what it says on this first picture. The picture shows how you will look like when you're a dinosaur. Take a look!
Now in this sneak peek, however, it just shows two Prehistoric Items we've chose back in October. Take a look at the picture. 
Awesome items! I really like the Triceratops skull head item! This party is gonna start tomorrow, and I will be posting the Prehistoric Party Cheats tomorrow in the afternoon. I will be too busy to post them in the morning, so bear with me. Well, what do you think of the dinosaurs, and the items sneak peek? Let us know in the comments below! (For some reason, I always say "Let us know", even thought it's only me working in this website. Heh.)

01/16/2013 9:29pm

Nice website! Btw, check your e-mail, I have e-mailed you something important!

01/17/2013 7:16pm

Alright, and thanks!

01/18/2013 12:29am

Did you check it? At askskelaten1@hotmail.com?

01/18/2013 2:26pm

I did, but I didn't see any new E-mail.


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