Hey guys! Operation: Puffle might be a possible party in March! This might be true!

This news comes by way of the Club Penguin Spanish Magazine and tells us when to expect the resurgence of Herbert and the EPF! As you know, our weekly Field Ops ended back during Operation: Blackout, when Herbert destroyed the EPF Headquarters. We've been anxiously awaiting the return of the Field Ops and it looks like that will happen soon, as there will likely be a build-up to Operation Puffle!
Operation Puffle is going to be on from March 14-April 4! According to the magazine, Herbert is going to hypnotize all the Puffles with a weird machine, and a new Puffle will come at the end! There has been rumors of a Dragon Puffle coming! Maybe Herbert and Puffle Handler might be on during this party! Club Penguin are really making some awesome parties huh? I can't wait for this party! I think this is true, but who knows? What do you guys think of Operation Puffle coming in March? Leave a comment below!

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