Hey guys!

The new Penguin Style catalog for March 2013 is HERE! And as always, I will give out the cheats! 
There are two new backgrounds on this months catalog!
Here are some NEW items for this month! If you notice, there are no tags on the penguin's clothes like on the January catalog and so on. Maybe this is how the items are going to be like.
Here are some MORE new items for this month.
Now here are some different color items, the same colors of each puffles! These items are old, but make sure to still buy it!
Here are some more items to buy to support your favorite colored puffle! Again, these items are old, but still COOL.
Now here are some items for Red Nose Day! There's a new background,and the Red Nose item. Make sure to get the clown items too.
Now here is the "Penguin at Work" part of the catalog. I miss the old penguins at work, but oh well.
I don't know why but Club Penguin put this part of the catalog ALL the way to the back. In this page, there are two secret items.
The first secret is where the White Cocoa Bunny Costume arm is at and you get...
... the Flower Basket!
The second secret item is where the four leaf clover is at. Click it and you get the Pot O'Gold!
I'm liking this catalog! It's filled with awesome items! So what do you think of the new catalog? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!


03/09/2013 4:19am

I think the clown items are old because of the way they are drawn. I am all about old items. Also thanks for showing the WHOLE catalog. I won't be able to get on until later today.

03/09/2013 3:04pm

You're welcome! :)


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