Hello penguins, the Awards Show is on now! Once you log in, you get this:
Click "Go There" and you'll go to the Awards Show! Once you enter, you get this message! You could get the Silver, and the Gold Trophy in another day.
Nonmembers can get the Superstar background...
And members can get the Slider Cell...
And the 500 Carat Diamond Ring.
Once you've gotten that, click on the Bronze Trophy and you get this:
Here's how the WHOLE Awards Show place looks like! I really like the Awards Show, it's fun!
When you've won an award, you just randomly teleport to the Stage! I won an award for Best Stunt Driver! 
I really like the Awards Show. It's fun to watch who wins an award! Nonmembers can go to the Awards show too, if they're already a director! So what do you think of the Awards Show? Pretty cool right? Make sure Let us know in the comments below!

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